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"A goal without a plan is just a wish."



Discover my offers for You

What can I do for You?

Choose Your Challenge

In addition to the ready-made offers, I am also happy to

help you with the following challenging tasks:


You need some basic data about your target audience or a specific niche.


You need advice on how to organize things in your business so that everything runs smoothly


You want to structure your business better. 


You have a team and need some basic tips on how to lead them to success.


You want to create a solid marketing plan that will help you get results

Team Building

You want your team to get to know each other better so you can leverage all of their strengths to achieve common goals.


You want to revamp or refresh your business and need help to make it a real head turner.


You need a partner with whom you can discuss daily challenges in your workplace or with your team.

Meet me


One of my greatest loves, aside from my fiancé who is the greatest, is marketing.


My parents still laugh about how I played a shopkeeper at the age of 4 and made them buy things in my stores, like totally useless stuff that I sold for many dinars (Yugoslav, now Serbian currency). And I remember the feeling of fulfillment when I managed to sell my products. That was the game I played the most. The other was that I pretended to be a teacher and everyone had to be a good student, listen to what I was talking about and do the homework I gave afterward.

I read that we all show our talents in the early years of our lives and that the games we play show us what direction we should go, what our path in life might be.

Mine was set early on. That's why I live to sell with the persuasive power of marketing and show others how to embrace change, find their path, and become strong, confident, and successful in what they do.

The most beautiful and warm feedback I can get is when I see the sparkle in my clients' eyes and the tremendous willingness to pursue the goals they have set for themselves.


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