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Marketing Planning

What is Marketing Planning?

A marketing plan is a report that outlines your marketing strategy for the coming year, quarter, or month. A marketing plan usually includes the following:

-> An overview of your company's or business' marketing and advertising goals.
-> A description of your company's or business'  current marketing position.
-> A timeline of when the tasks within your strategy will be completed.
-> Key performance indicators (KPIs) that you will track.
-> A description of your company's or business' target market and customer needs.

Marketing Strategy vs. Marketing Planning?

To formulate strategies, you must have the marketing objectives in mind, because the strategies must be implemented to achieve those objectives; but also the consumers that make up the target market, the competition, the company's resources and capabilities.

It is important to know the difference between the marketing strategy and the marketing plan before defining and formulating the strategies, because this can lead to confusion about these two concepts that go hand in hand but have different orientations.

Marketing Strategy
Is the statement of the objectives to be achieved by a company's marketing efforts (what). These strategies are determined by the goals of the company. Goals and strategy must go together. The strategies must take into account needs, wants, and solutions to problems or take advantage of the habits and customs of the target audience.

Marketing Plan

This is the way you will achieve those marketing goals (how). It is the map that takes you from one point to another of the desired situation (goals).

Here is an example:

We have a goal to achieve a higher market share.

The marketing strategy must find an answer to how we can open up a new market segment.

The market plan should provide direction on what type of marketing campaign we can use to reach, identify and focus on this particular segment.

Formula: Marketing Strategy - > Marketing Plan- > Implementation = Successful Marketing Strategy.

Marketing Planning Packages

Images for AT&M web (5).png


EUR 148

Plan one marketing campaign

You have just started your business and want to run your first campaign. Maybe it sounded much easier when others told their stories, but where should you start. From EUR 148 I can navigate you through the land of online and offline marketing activities.

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starting EUR 448

Plan success: one quarter campaign

You see the benefits of a good strategy and want to create a marketing plan that will help you reach your quarterly goals. What tactics would bring you success in the shortest amount of time? We can work together and enjoy the first results of the campaign.

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EUR 848

Plan growth: one year campaign

Your business is already on track and producing successful results month after month. At some point, you feel it's time to grow and develop an annual campaign that achieves that goal. You are ready to try different tactics that will help you reach the target audience and also open up to new opportunities and segments.

Invest in yourself

The Next Steps

1. Inform yourself

Google marketing planning, read articles and blogs, familiarise yourself with a variety of different online and offline tactics you can plan to achieve your company's goals.

4. Choose your package

Once you have everything on paper, it's time to decide how long you want your campaign to last? Will it only last a month or a quarter, or can you afford to plan for a year? The decision is entirely up to you!

2. Take a break

There will be a wealth of information and you will need time to digest it all. Give yourself a break whenever you feel like it. After all, marketing is not your area of expertise, so do not force yourself to understand everything.

5. Contact me

Whenever you are ready, just fill out the form and submit your request. I'll get back to you within a few hours to discuss the next steps in developing your marketing plan. 

3. Understand your priorities

Rather, think about what kind of activities you want to do for your business. Would it be mainly online advertising, social media campaigns or are you more into the "good old fashioned" events and conferences? Prioritize when you know your budget and resources.

6. Invest in yourself

Once we agree on the basics, I'll send you all the details on the proposed timeline, expectations and payment method.

Talk to You soon!


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