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Marketing Strategy

What is Marketing Strategy?

A marketing strategy is the long-term planning of the business goals that the company, a business wants to achieve. To achieve these goals, it is important to select the specific actions that will lead to an increase in brand awareness and sales activities. The use of opportunities is crucial to find the target market and retain customers to strengthen the positioning of the company.

With a clear strategy and definition of how you want to position the product/service, you will increase the chance to be known by customers and fulfill the loyalty between customers and your company.

Why Marketing Strategy?

Choosing an appropriate marketing strategy for the company brings great benefits, such as:

-> You will increase the sales
-> You will create sustainable growth for the company
-> You will understand what your customers want
-> You will meet the needs of the customers and exceed their expectations
-> You will strengthen the relationship with your target market
-> You will build the brand in the minds of consumers

How can you build a proper marketing strategy?


Set the goals and the process:

Analyse the position in the market:

identify the target audience, the competition and what is happening in the company. Also determine which are the strong aspects and which ones you should optimise.

Set goals: create achievable brand and sales goals and set the time frame in which these goals should be achieved.

Design the tactics: After examining the landscape, create the action lines based on the strategies you know.

Implement controls: Define how you will measure goal achievement and how you expect performance to incrementally improve.

Marketing Strategy Packages

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EUR 88

You just need a quick fix

There's a task that's preventing you from completing a major project. You need someone to create a short presentation or infographic,review your strategy, validate your SWOT analysis, review your goals and turn them into SMART. From 88 EUR per hour we can solve everything.

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EUR 448

You just need a closer look

You have already worked on your strategy and then you have stacked up. There's still confusion about how to build a proper marketing strategy, and you want someone to help you prepare. I am happy to provide 1.5 hours of support for a week to help your strategy shine.

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EUR 1768

You just need to borrow a marketer

Current circumstances do not allow you to hire a marketing manager or CMO at your company, but you can see it's a big shortage. You need someone to develop the strategy for you and help advise you on how to structure the business. I can support you for one month (5 times a week for one hour) for a salary of 1768 EUR.

Invest in yourself

The Next Steps

1. Inform yourself

Google marketing strategies, read articles, blogs, watch videos on different channels, get familiar with the tools and techniques marketers use when developing a strategy.

4. Choose your package

Once you have your first draft, it's time to decide what kind of help you need from me. Maybe it's just a few hours, maybe it's a month or two. You will see what results you will find on your notepad.

2. Take a break

After all that reading and thinking, give yourself a break: do what you want and do not think about what you have learned about building a marketing strategy.

5. Contact me

Whenever you are ready, just fill out the form and submit your request. I'll get back to you within a few hours to discuss the next steps in developing your marketing strategy.

3. Understand your priorities

As soon as you feel like it, start writing down the most important information about how you want to build your business. Focus on the product or services you offer, think about your target audience and the value you will provide to them. Write down your goals and make them SMART.

6. Invest in yourself

Once we agree on the basics, I'll send you all the details on the proposed timeline, expectations and payment method.

Talk to You soon!


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